Harland Sharp Billet Shaft Mount Rocker Arms

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
Harland Sharp is in there 50th year of business and they are keeping the doors open with new ideas like the all new Billet Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Line. Right now these are out for the GM LS1, LS2 and LS3 engines. But don’t worry, SBC, BBC, SBF and BBF are all in the works and soon will be rolling out the pipe line. These 7075 billet rocker arms are designed to be stronger and resist breakage for applications pushing the limits. Look for these to be hitting your favorite speed shop soon.

• Billet Aluminum
• Heat Treated Steel Shafts
• Aluminum or Steel Stand Depending on Application

For more info on Harland Sharp head on over to www.harlandsharp.com.

Canton Shows Off New Oil Filter

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
When it comes to performance oil pans, Canton is a name that comes to mind. When we visited them at this year’s PRI show, they showed why their name is associated with performance no matter what you drive. But did you know that Canton makes performance parts for just about the entire oiling system? We did, and we have proof.

One thing that we were sure to check out was Canton’s CM spin on oil filter. If you are putting the money into your engine, this is a great investment toward protecting all of those dollars. The billet aluminum case holds an 8 micron filter element that is completely replaceable. This filter is not effected by moisture and is encased in a steel inner and outer cage to prevent media wear and rupture during oil pressure surges.

• Under 3-1/2” Tall
• Ribbed Billet Aluminum Finish
• Filters Feature A Reusable Billet Aluminum Housing
• Replaceable 8 Micron Filter
• Designed To Outflow Your Engine’s Oil System

Check out www.cantonracingproducts.com for more information.

Scorpion Racing Products’ Rocker Arms & Valves

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
When visiting PRI, one booth we were sure not to miss was Scorpion Racing Products. Complete with robots and plenty of anodized parts, the booth was full of Scorpion’s products that cover the entire valvetrain system for your engine. We saw their full line of lifters and valve springs for many popular engines, but what really caught our eye was their Endurance Rocker Arms and Extreme Duty Racing Valves.

The Endurance Series Rocker Arms were designed for engines that are under long periods of stress or use. Available in many different ratios, these are available for just about any Ford or Chevy V8 both big and small blocks. They feature a lightweight design with short polylocks. Best of all, they are designed to fit under stock height valve covers, so there is no need to replace the ones already on your engine.

• Available in many ratios
• For high endurance racing engines including offshore powerboat racing engines
• Designed to fit under stock height valve covers with no interference
• Lightweight design with short polylocks

Also on display was Scorpion’s Extreme Duty Racing Valves. They make these valves in both Intake and Exhaust versions for BBC, SBC, LSX and 2V/4V Modular Engines. There are so many features for these valves, but check out the highlights.

• Non-magnetic Stainless Steel 21-4N intake material
• One-piece forging
• Hardened tip
• Hard chromium with stem superfinishing for much lower surface roughness
• Double swirl polish with finer finishing
• Back-cut for important flow improvement
• Lightweight design with undercut stems to reduce weight and improve flow figures
• Very tight tolerances to allow smaller guide clearances reducing oil consumption through the guides

• Non-magnetic Stainless Steel 23-8N exhaust material – a superior alloy for higher temperatures and closer to Inconel than any other valve steel
• Hard chromium with stem superfinishing for much lower surface roughness
• Heat-treated hard tip with 54 HRC minimum
• Double swirl polish with finer finishing
• Back-cut for important flow improvement
• Lightweight design with undercut stems to reduce weight and improve flow figures
• Tapered exhaust undercuts to increase strength at high temperatures
• Very tight tolerances to allow smaller guide clearances reducing oil consumption through the guides

For more information, check out the brand new www.scorpionracingproducts.com

STS Turbo’s New Applications for 2010

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
With the growing popularity of aftermarket turbo kits, STS Turbo had applications for several new cars at PRI. STS Turbo has pioneered the rear mount turbo design and they report that the unique location make the turbo run cooler and deliver more boost than front mount systems. Horsepower gains are in the 150 to 250 hp range depending on engine application.

STS’s latest kit at PRI is for the popular 2010 Camaro SS. They offer a twin-turbo bolt-on kit that makes 540 rear wheel horsepower. The unit comes complete with all parts needed and includes a tuner to recalibrate the factory ECU. STS Turbo’s Shawn Raines said that STS Turbo kits can be installed by the do-it-youself enthusiast and no special tools are required for the application specific remote mount kits.

For 2010 Camaro owners that want to do simple mods, STS Turbo has a new cold air intake for the V8 model Camaro. STS reports 24 more horsepower with the installation of the intake. The unit comes complete with a high flow air filter and retails for just under $300.00.

The display car in the STS Turbo booth was Doug Van Den Brink 2004 Mustang GT with an STS universal rear mount turbo. We had the opportunity to see this car at a drifting demo during the Mustang’s 45th Anniversary and were impressed considering it’s powered by a 4.6-liter Ford. The STS Turbo kit on Van Den Brink’s car is a rear mount single 76 mm unit with rear mount intercooler. According to STS, the drift mustang has 720 horsepower at the rear wheels.

For more information on STS Turbo’s remote mount systems and vehicle applications, visit their website.

A “tuned” diesel trunk on a chassis dyno or drag strip is impressive and anyone pulling a trailer would always like more power. DR. Performance is a pioneer of Dodge, Ford and GM diesel aftermarket performance and they race a diesel powered Pro Stock Truck to prove the potential of their parts.

At PRI DR. Performance had a complete line of diesel performance modules on display. The DR. Performance Module reprograms the factory PCM and increases the overall performance of the engine while cruising or under load. Engine performance is optimized by changing the fuel plume in the air/fuel mixture. This change allows microscopic fuel particles to be mixed with higher levels of oxygen, causing greater volumes of energy to be released during combustion. DR. Performance’s Alex Laughlin told our reporter that fuel economy is increased by 1-2 mpg and horsepower gains are in the 50 – 120 range depending on application. According to DR. Performance, the module does not affect the factory warranty and can be easily removed.

To keep a diesel engine running clean, DR. Performance has fuel and air filtration systems for most popular applications. Their Kleen Fuel fuel filter has a 2 micron filter that offers better filtration than most OE units.

For the hardcore diesel performance engine builder, DR. Performance also sells racing cams, engine girdles, electric water pumps and wastegate adapters. All the parts are race proven in their Pro Stock Truck program.

For more information on other DR. Performance diesel parts, check out their website.

Improving your cam timing has never been easier than Cloyes Performance Products’ Hex-a-just. This patented system allows for a quick adjustment of any custom cam spec that is required to maximize your engines performance. The Hex-A-Just Ford 4.6L comes in four different kits: the 2V full kits, 2V upgraded short kit, 2V sprocket kit and the 4V upgraded short kit.

• Heat Treated, Billet Steel Cam, Crank and Secondary Sprockets vs. OE powdered Metal
• Precision machined tooth profile vs. OE pressed profile
• HEX-A-JUST infinite timing adjustment vs. non-adjustable OE

More applications and information available at www.cloyes.com

Forgeline’s New Three Piece Wheel Options

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
One of the worst problems that come with going with larger aftermarket wheels is the weight problems associated. Then when you spend the money for a lightweight wheel, they can be too soft and damage easy. Forgeline has made a name for themselves by making a wheel that is extremely rigid and still being light weight. An example is a 20×10.5” Forgeline only weighs in at 25 pounds!

To start it off with my most favorite, is their new brushed nickel lip option. The whole lip is nickel plated and then they use their polishing machine affixed with an abrasive material to give the lip a really unique look. The lip coupled with the flat black center made for one good looking wheel!

Forgeline is also debuting their new wheel design called the DE3P. It is a mesh wheel design with less spoke count and more gap between the spokes. Also the DE3P only shows 16 bolts on this design. As with the other wheel options, the DE3P can be processed with any surface treatment as other Forgeline wheels.

Last is their hidden bolt option. Not everyone likes the look of a 2 or 3 piece wheel that shows the bolts (though I don’t know you can’t) around the perimeter wheel and want something clean. The blind bolt wheels are all mounted through the back of the center section with a stud and bolt.

Check out more at www.forgeline.com

Livernois Motorsports CNC Ports Any Heads!

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
No matter what type of engine you are running, or what head brand you are looking for, Livernois Motorsports has CNC ported heads for many popular engine choices such as SBC, BBC, SBF, BBF, LS and Modular engines. They have the ability to do everything from port a set of heads for your Street/Strip machine to do a full production run depending on what you want. If you are a head porter, you can send them a head with your port job on it. They can translate that into a CNC program and do as many as you like.

Livernois can even cut the name of your race team or company on the the heads for you. While we were there we saw the brand new HEMI heads – just another engine to add to Livernois’ already stellar supported engine list.

• Dyno Proven CNC Porting
• Many Popular Engines Supported
• Many Popular Heads Supported
• Quantity Can Range From 1-100+ Heads

Check out www.livernoismotorsports.com for more information on this program.

GRP Bolt Stretch Gauge

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
GRP is the rod of choice for many top drag racers and engine builders. They claim that their products’ success depends on the consumer both installing and maintaining the rods properly. One mistake that people commonly make when building their high performance engine is improperly torquing the rod bolts. Sure a torque wrench is a great tool to use to torque down the bolt, but how are you checking that the torque wrench is torquing the bolts to the proper spec?

Many engine builders know that bolt stretch is a great way to check the rod bolts to make sure the will do their job correctly. GRP came up with a way to accurately measure bolt stretch with their new Bolt Stretch Gauge. It takes no time to use and understanding it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do it measure the bolt before installing it, then again after the bolt is torqued. The difference between the two numbers is your bolt stretch. Compare that to the specs listed from the bolt maker and replace if necessary.

• Lightweight and Easy To Use
• Easy To Read Gauge

For more on GRP, visit www.grpconrods.com.

Comp Cams Custom Grinds and New Lifters

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
At the Orlando PRI Show, the Comp Cams booth was a busy place with all the new race products manufactured under the COMP Cams umbrella. New to their expanding line of performance lifters, Comp had a Elite Race roller lifter and a tool steel flat tappet lifter on display. The Elite Race roller lifter has an 8620 rim polished body and according to Comp Cams, the polished finishing treatment makes the lifter a lot harder and durable. The Elite Race roller has a unique oiling system and roller bearing design that trumps all other race roller lifters on the market.

For racers on a budget, Comp Cams tool steel lifters are made from a durable tool steel and designed for two different cam applications, cast iron camshafts or steel camshafts. The tool steel lifters offer increased durability and are able to stand up to the punishment any cam can dish out.

Custom Cam Grinds for Anyone

Comp Cams also had information on their custom cam core development and CNC Cam program. With more and more customers requesting one-off custom cams, it’s impossible to have the correct core on the shelf for every application. Comp Cams has developed an inventory of custom cores that have the lobes rough-milled and heat-treated. The cores are also clocked and positioned so that the lifters track true and the barrel size is maximized for optimal stiffness. With this core design any final provisions needed for a given application can be made to suit the customer. They also have a custom CNC machine in house where they can machine any cam profile per customer request.

New Black Valve Covers

For outside the engine, Black is back and COMP Cams had there new die cast valve covers for SBC, BBC and SBF engines finished in a black-wrinkle powder coat. Comp also finished off the cover with a polished COMP laser etched logo. These valve covers feature perimeter bolt holes and are designed tall enough to provide necessary clearance to accommodate aftermarket valvetrains.

For more information visit Comp Cams website.


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