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Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
When we stopped by the Eaton booth this year at SEMA, our attention was drawn to a clean looking Tri-Five Chevy, we couldn’t over look many of Eaton’s great products. Like their full line of differentials for almost any type of application. We shot a video that really a good job at explaining what each differential is best suited for. Everything is covered from the Eaton Posi, ELocker and the legendary Detroit Locker. Find out why OEMs and performance enthusiasts trust the Eaton name.

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Every year the SEMA committee gets together to pick some of the best new products that are shown at the show. This year, one of those winners of the Best New Interior Accessory Product Award was the Bully Dog WatchDog. The WatchDog is a vehicle monitor that can keep track of everything from temperatures, to gas mileage and performance. It can even coach you on your driving!

You can then use this information to aid you in becoming a better driver, develop a tune, or just have the peace of mind that you know exactly how your engine is performing. All of this is offered in a small package that can easily mount to the windshield on your car or truck.

Check out the LONG list of features for the WatchDog:

Main Product Features:
• Available in white or black case colors
• Exclusive Driving Coach feature included
• Fully Customizable WatchDog and Driving Coach
• Up to 15 vehicle parameters available*
• Display up to 4 vehicle parameters at one time
• Set vehicle (temps and pressure) warnings
• Read and erase diagnostic trouble codes
• Vehicle performance testing included
• Display instant, trip, and average fuel economy
• Easy installation (20-40 minutes)
• Free internet updates and upgrades
• Full color 2.4” LCD
• Multiple on screen color themes available
• 512MB micro SD card Included
• Daytime and night time display modes
• Capacitive button navigation with audio feedback
• Display units in US standard or Metric
• Universal window mount option included
• 2 1/16” Gauge pod adapter mount option available
• Optional Pyrometer Kit available

Driving Coach Features:
• View Wasted Energy
• Monitor Your Driving Efficiency
• Display Average Economy
• Display Trip Economy
• Display Instant Economy
• Choose Your Own Fuel Economy Goals
• Specify Sensitivity to Suite Driving Conditions

Vehicle Parameter Monitoring Capabilities:
• Pyro 1 (exhaust gas temp in F° or C°)
• Pyro 2 (exhaust gas temp in F° or C°)
• Speed (MPH or KPH)
• Boost (PSI or KPA)
• Coolant (temp in F° or C°)
• Throttle Position (0% to 100%)
• Intake (temperature in F° or C°)
• Barometer (PSI or KPA)
• Battery (instant output in volts)
• Fuel Pressure (PSI or KPA)
• Load (0% to 100%)
• Timing (in degrees)
• MAF (mass air flow in grams/sec)
• Fuel Economy (Miles/gal. or Liters/100 kilometers)
• Fuel Flow (gallons/hour or Liters/hour)

Performance Testing:
• 60 ft. Time
• 0-60 mph time
• 1/8 mile time
• 1/8 mile speed
• 1/4 mile time
• 1/4 mile speed

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Mustang Dyno Model Shoot

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
SEMA is known for three main things: the hottest cars, the newest parts and the best looking women. We were walking by the Mustang Dyno booth and couldn’t help but stop in. After meeting with some of the guys there, we found out that these two models will be featured in an upcoming Mustang Dyno ad. Look for that to be coming out soon. For now, enjoy a few quick photos of what was going on!

To handle the performance demands of late model muscle cars such as the Challenger, Mustang and Camaro, Centerforce is bringing out an all new Multi Disc clutch that will be hitting the streets March 1st. The new patent pending design uses what Centerforce is calling a ‘lug’ design. In addition to the spline from the transmission driving the center plate, Cenerforce adds 6 lugs that aid in driving the system and make it able to hold more power.

Centerforce will be offering a few different material options, but at this time there were no firm options. What we can tell you is that this twin disc set up is around 10 lbs lighter than the OE clutches that come in the Challenger, Mustang and Camaro.

– Patent Pending Lug Design
– Twin Disc Set Up
– 10 lbs Lighter
– LMC Pressure Plate

You won’t find any further info on just yet, but info on there many other clutches can be found there. Look for more info on this clutch soon.

In the mix of bright lights in the Auto Meter booth we found a new product that is aimed right at the racer. The Pro Comp Pro Dash is available in three different versions: street, race and MFDL. The MFDL is a super version of the race version with more features and more capabilities. Today we are just going to focus on the Street and Race options. Both systems are packaged in an easy to read display that is 3.82 inches high and 7.48 inches wide, making it easy to incorporate into any dash. No matter if you get the street or race version, you get a system that can monitor all of the sensors in your vehicle. The only difference between the two systems is the amount (or type) of sensors this dash will monitor. Also in the race version, you get recording.

In the street version you get features such as low fuel, odometer and trip settings without the option for data logging. The race version also has many other features that would make it valuable to someone running almost any type of motorsports.

Pro-Comp Street:
– Track RPM
– Internal Warning Light with Message Display
– External Warning Light Capable
– Speedometer
– Oil Pressure Gauge
– Oil Temperature Gauge
– Water Temperature Gauge
– Voltage Gauge
– Odometer & Trip Meter
– Programmable Fuel Level Gauge
– Low Fuel Warning Light

Pro-Comp Race:
– Track RPM
– Internal Shift Light
– Internal Warning Light with Message Display
– External Warning Light Capable
– Speedometer
– Oil Pressure Gauge
– Oil Temperature Gauge
– Water Temperature Gauge
– Voltage Gauge
– Fuel Pressure Gauge
– 8 Recording Channels
– Multiple Run Recording
– Playback Recording

Auto Meter Analog Wide Band Air/Fuel Meter

Also new in the Auto Meter booth was some new addition to their ever growing wide band air/fuel sensor line. These new analog wide band sensors are being offered in many of the already popular gauge lines. These are designed to offer both a lower entry cost and blend seamlessly into gauge cluster already with analog gauges.

– 8:1-18:1 Display Range
– Brightness Adjustment

You can find more information on the Pro-Comp or new Wide Band Sensor by visiting

New for CP Pistons this year is their new line of off-the-shelf pistons called the “Bullet Series”. Inspired by CP’s involvement in top levels of motorsports, this new competitively priced piston line offers hundreds of part numbers that are already in stock.

Made from a 2618 alloy for strength and durability, the Bullet Series is produced on the same state of the art CNC machining centers as the rest of the CP line, and offers such value-packed features such as forged side relief and premium ring sets. You also get an accumulator groove and dual forced pin oilers incorporated into the design.

Here are some of the top features on the Bullet Line:

– Available off the shelf
– 2618 Alloy
– Chromoly wrist pins with wire locks
– FEA designed forged
– ISO 9000 certified
– Forged side relief
– Contemporary ring sets
– Accumulator groove
– Contact reduction grooves
– Dual forced pin oilers
– Machined on same machines as CP’s other piston lines

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New in the PowerBall line of products is the PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration Kit. This kit includes everything you need to remove scratches, yellowing or other discoloration on your headlights. All you need is a drill to the mix, about an hour of time, and you have have your headlights looking as good new. Inside the kit you get the polishing tool, the PowerPlastic polish, two restoration pads and a microfiber towel. The PowerPolish also helps to prevent many of those problems from coming back, thanks to a protective oxidation inhibiting polymer layer.

– Works on All Types of Smooth, Shiny Plastic and Acrylic Headlights
– Removes Yellowing, Stains, Hairline Scratches, Smudges and Flaws
– One Step Process
– Includes Polishing Tool, PowerPlastic Polish, 2 Restoration Pads, 15” X 15” Microfiber Towel

For more info check out

Ross Racing Pistons New SBF Pistons

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
On hand at the Ross Racing Booth was their 302 and 351 forced induction pistons. These are offered for many different cubic inch configurations with dish sizes ranging from -15 cc to -36.74 cc depending on your engine size and configuration. According to Ross, these pistons will fit most 20 degree cylinder heads, including TFS Standard, High Ports, Street Heat and Bennett High Ports. They will even play well with nitrous add into your forced induction system.

– 1/16, 3/16 Ring Grooves
– 4340 or H13 Pins
– Includes Locks and Pins

For more info visit,

Corsa’s DB Budget Truck Exhaust Line

Monday, November 16th, 2009
Corsa is a company known for their application specific tuned harmonics on vehicles to reduce the maximum amount of resonance. If you want that Corsa name but want to pay less money, then the DB line of exhausts for your late-model Ford or Dodge truck might be your answer. The exhaust come in full stainless, but the piping is 409S to reduce the cost. Also, the mufflers are a slip on and not weld on type to reduce the cost even further.

– Rugged growl at a value
– Ford and Dodge trucks
– Straight through design
– 12-inch polished tip

EBC is a British manufacturer that produces all of it’s brake pads in the EBC factory in the United Kingdom, using fibers like Kevlar and Twaron. EBC Brakes Andrew Bartosiak told us that they are “Dedicated to stepping up to sportscar racing for 2010 in the USA.” It’s very likely that you will start seeing these brake pads showing up with greater frequency this next year at parts stores and racetracks in North America. EBC has a unique blend of pad material for each style of driving and they have color coded the pads to make identification easier.

The Ultimax brake pads are a normal black color and is designed for normal street use. From there the brake pad line is named based on color. The next step up from the Ultimax brake pad is what EBC calls the Greenstuff pads, designed for “spirited street use”. For “Faster street use on muscle cars and premium imports”, you’ll need to use the Redstuff brake pads. For short races and time trials, the Yellowstuff brake pads are offered. Finally, when you get into higher performance racing, EBC recommends the Bluestuff brake pads.

For more information about EBC or their brake products, visit them at


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