Classic Recreations Unveil GT500CR Prototype

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Well it’s been a bit of a wait since we saw the intitial concept drawings of Classic Recreations new offering in partnership with Carroll Shelby, but now they have finally unveiled a prototype model that looks badass! checkout the pics after the jump.
The new models take some of the Eleanor stylings but also attempts to […]

For a while now we’ve all been hearing about the Shelby authorised GT500CR soon to be released by custom coachbuilders Classic Recreations. We’ve poured over the concept impressions, the specs and pricing but we haven’t heard anything about when these cars will be released or at least begin production but now we do.
Most wouldn’t have […]

Classic Recreations Open Online Store

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Talk about timing, I just noticed Classic Recreations have opened an online store with just about everything you need to build you own Eleanor or Shelby GT500 and just in time for Christmas.
The catalouge is comprehensive with categories on each yeah model and also Shelby models covering everything from interior to electrical, apparel and even […]

The Classic Recreations site has been updated with the three GT500CR models that are going to be produced. The concept models, named Intro, Performance and Venon come in a range of colours and range from $US119,000 to $US199,000. Check out the spec breakdown after the jump.
It’s all pretty self explanitory, so ‘ve just done the […]

Well the wait is over and the Classic Recreations website has just gone live with what is some really exciting news that this I certainly did not expect. Carroll Shelby has granted Classic Recreations a license to create an iconic continuation official Shelby GT500CR
“I am humbled and honored by the opportunity to work with a […]

Every week I read car reviews about the latest Porsche or Lamborghini that’s hit the street, but I always love it when I come across in depth reviews of our very own Eleanor and finding a good review of a 1967 Mustang is very hard to find. But today is a good day because […]

Stay tuned to the Classic Recreations website over the next week or so. The site is currently down and displaying a neat countdown and text saying “Classic Recreations is currently revising and updating our website. Our website should be current and active 10-23-09. We have Exciting News about the all new CR Model […]

Adrian & Paul’s Eleanor’s Make Friends

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

It’s been awfully quiet from Adrian since his Classic Recreations Eleanor hit our shores, though who wouldn’t blame him, he has an amazing and awesomely powerful Mustang.
Though yesterday Adrian filled me in on what he’s been doing and sent over some photos with it.
So what I didn’t know is that Adrian’s friend Paul also bought […]

title: “Adrian & Paul’s Eleanor’s Make Friends”,
url: “”

If the global financial crisis is affecting the vintage car market it’s not showing over at Classic Recreations. Where some outfits are downsizing and trying to save every last cent Jason and his guys are doing the opposite annoucing this week they will be producing a limited edition 535hp Eleanor, powered by a 410ci Keith […]

title: “Classic Recreations Produce Limited Edition 535hp Eleanor Mustang”,
url: “”

Two weeks ago I posted quite a long video of the Clive Sutton tour of the Classic Recreations factory in Yukon, Oklahoma. Well there’s yet another video from Clive Sutton floating around but this time it’s taken back in the UK and gives a quick review of the Classic Recreations Eleanor which they have […]

title: “[VIDEO] Clive Sutton Take Classic Recreations Eleanor For A Drive”,
url: “”


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