JMS Chip & Performance has just released their JMS Dominator SN197 rear brake kit. This kit includes coated/drilled rotors, caliper relocation brackets, ABS brackets, and all of the mounting hardware. This kit will fit on ’05 and up Mustang GT and GT500s.

Official Release

JMS CHIP & PERFORMANCE Dominator SN197 Rear Brake Kit

This brake kit allows the use of 15 inch rear wheels on any S197 Mustang GT or GT500.

SN197 owners can now take advantage of the various drag radial and slick sizes available for 15 inch wheels. You can now run a tire with enough sidewall to get even the highest horsepower S197’s down the street or track.

This kit contains: coated/drilled rotors, caliper relocation brackets, abs brackets, mounting hardware and detailed instructions.

Retail Price is $219.00. Dealer inquires welcome. For more information go to or call JMS Chip & Performance at 601-766-9424.

• Coated/drilled rotors
• Allows the use of 15 inch rear wheels
• Retail price of $219.00

Contact Information

JMS Chip & Performance
Phone: 601-766-9424

FAST has developed new crank triggers for Ford and Chevy applications. The new crank triggers will help eliminate the possibility of inaccurate rpm measurements. This new component is made from ASTM A36 grade steel that is stronger than the OE style aluminum pieces.

Official Release

FAST Crank Triggers

Innovator of EFI technology develops new crank triggers for Ford & Chevy applications that eliminate the possibility of inaccurate or inconsistent rpm measurement

Recently, engineers at FAST™ turned to the OEMs to see what they trust in the way of rpm-measuring crank triggers for their 400 and 500 horsepower daily drivers. Until now, flying magnetic trigger wheels with bulky inductive pickups have been used with the risk of broken magnets or losing magnets at high engine rpm. Now FAST™ has a better answer.

A magnet-free device, this new piece from FAST™ includes a wheel constructed from ASTM A36 grade steel that is so strong that it only needs to be .125″ thick and is virtually indestructible. With the wheel being this thin, it not only weighs less but requires less space than competitors’ aluminum versions. And the FAST™ inductive sensor is also much smaller than others on the market and is hermetically sealed with the connector molded into the body. 

The key to the crank trigger’s dependability and accuracy lies in the trigger wheel design. Rather than having added magnets, the wheel has tabs on the outer rim. These tabs are measured by the inductive sensor as the wheel revolves, which then provides data to the fuel injection and ignition systems for accurate rpm measurement. And because the tabs are a part of the single wheel unit, there is no possibility of loss or fragmentation as with the magnetic style trigger wheels.

This sensor is used by OEMs both on and inside the engine and provides long-lasting, accurate timing. Installation is straight forward, and everything required is included. For those already using the FAST™ XFI™ system, it’s a plug and play unit. In addition, it’s compatible with many other EFI systems on the market. For more information about the FAST™ Crank Trigger or any other FAST™ product, call us at 1-877-334-8355, or visit us online at

• Lightweight steel wheel
• Magnet free device
• Plug and play unit
• Compatible with many other EFI systems

Contact Information

Phone: 1-877-334-8355

New for 2010 are some brand new products from many of the COMP Performance Group companies. These include COMP Cams, TCI Automotive, FAST, and ZEX to name a few. Here are some things that we thought you needed to check out from these new books.

Thumpr Cams
Ultra Pro Magnums Rocker Arms
COMP Break In Oil
Elite Race Lifters
Ultra Dual Valve Springs

TCI Automotive
6X Transmission
4L80E 6-Pinion Planetary Sets
Ford AOD Rebuild Kit
TH400 Full Manual Reverse Shift Pattern Valve Body
LS-Series Permanent Magnet Starter

EZ-EFI System
Dual Sensor Air/Fuel Meter
LSXR & LSXRT Intake Manifolds
XFI Fuel Injection Systems

S197 Mustang Nitrous Systems
LSX Nitrous Systems
Race Perimeter Plate Kits
Dual Outlet Purge Kit

Pro Elite CNC Ported Cylinder Heads
LS Race Block
Cylinder Head Assembly Kits

Contact Information:

Phone: 800-999-8053

TCI Automotive
Phone: 888-776-9824

Phone: 877-334-8355

Phone: 888-817-1008

Phone: 877-776-4323

Every year Edelbrock helps put on a show with the Center for Learning Unlimited to help support children with learning disabilities. The date as has been set for the 2010 event which will include a car show, music, and other events.

Check out the press release below!

Official Release:

Edelbrock Teams Up With the Center for Learning Unlimited To Present the 5th Annual Rev’ved Up 4 Kidz Charity Car Show

TORRANCE, CA – Edelbrock and the Center for Learning Unlimited have once again teamed up in support of helping children with learning disabilities to present the 5th Annual Rev’ved Up 4 Kidz VIP gala charity auction and car show, April 24-25, 2010.

The weekend kicks off Saturday evening as Christi Edelbrock, Edelbrock Vice President of Purchasing and event organizer, hosts a special gala dinner and charity auction at “Vic’s Garage” located within Edelbrock’s facility in Torrance, CA. This fundraiser includes an evening of classic cars, a VIP dinner, live and silent auction, entertainment and celebrity guest appearances. Tickets are $125, with a 10% discount on reservations for tables of 10. Organizers are currently seeking silent auction items and corporate donations. Please contact Ginny Erxleben Mathews for more information, (310) 544-1644.

Sunday Edelbrock hosts the Rev’ved Up 4 Kidz Car Show. All makes and models are welcome and interested participants can pre-register at Cost for car entry participation is $40.00 (advance) or $45.00 (day of show). A special VIP area is also available in front of the main stage for $100.00 entry fee. Show hours are 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and space is limited. Spectator entry is free however $5.00 donations will be accepted and appreciated. Vendor space is available and vendors are welcomed.

The 2010 Rev’ved Up 4 Kidz Charity car show will host 2nd annual Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge Regional competition. Local high school students will compete in a high-energy engine building competition. The top teams from each region will earn their spot to compete at the National Finals in Las Vegas in the “Showdown at SEMA” in November. The top teams are honored with scholarships from Ohio Technical College and University of Northwestern Ohio.

“Supporting America’s youth throughout the country and the community is something that we are very passionate about” states Christi Edelbrock. “It’s so amazing to me what we can do together to make the dreams come true for young individuals. Given the right opportunities America’s youth can contribute so much to our society, my goal is to provide opportunities to learn, scholarships and job placement in the workplace. We have national support for these initiatives and this is only the beginning.”

All event proceeds go to the Center for Learning Unlimited.

For more information please visit | |

VP Racing Fuels has just added a new fuel to their arsenal. The new “CHP” fuel stands for Crate HorsePower, and it will give the racer the benefit of a wide tuning window. The “CHP” does run 4-7% richer than other fuels due to it’s oxygenation.

Official Release


SAN ANTONIO, TX (February 5, 2010) VP Racing Fuels, the world leader in race fuel technology, has introduced its newest race fuel—CHPTM. “CHP, which stands for ‘Crate HorsePower,’ will make 15-20 more horsepower than premium pump gas,” said Steve Burns, VP’s President. “But perhaps the biggest benefit the racer will see is the ‘wide’ tuning window.”

“This fuel will provide a great complement to VP’s MS109TM*unleaded race fuel, which over the last several years has become the fuel of choice for serious crate late model racers,” Burns continued. “While MS109*makes better power than any unleaded fuel on the market, CHP will now provide another option for crate engines which, besides making 1.5% more Hp than MS109, actually costs less.”

“CHP will also outperform E85 by 4-6% in Hp,” Burns noted. “Significantly, CHP requires carrying about 50% less weight in fuel compared to E85.”

“The key to CHP’s performance is better fuel vaporization, which improves fuel distribution and burning speed,” added Burns. “Due to its oxygenation, CHP has to run 4-7% richer than nonoxygenated fuels. Running richer with better fuel distribution effectively adds 2-3 octane numbers and provides even more on-track protection against detonation than its standard ASTM motor octane rating would indicate. We do not recommend it for boost or nitrous applications, or for applications with compression ratios over 12.5:1.”

• Runs 4-7% richer than non-oxygenated fuels
• Cost less than VP MS109
• 15-20 hp over premium pump gas
• Not recommended for boost or nitrous applications

Contact Information

VP Racing Fuels
Phone: 302-521-1767

Ross Racing Pistons has a new line of stroker pistons for forced induction small block Fords. These pistons will fit into popular over bores and strokes in an 8.5 to 9.0:1 compression ratio.

Official Release:

New Ford Small Block Forced Induction Pistons

Ross Racing Pistons now offers a new stocking line of stroker pistons to fit the bill in popular over bores and strokes in a boost friendly 8.5 to 9.0:1 compression ratio. Packed with features typically found only on high end custom pistons and designed specifically for high boost applications Ross Racing Pistons will perform equally as well on the street as on the track. Pistons will fit most after market cylinder heads.

Each Set Includes:

• 5115 steel pins
• Oil support rails (GL spacer) if required
• Double Spiral pin retainers


• Made of 2618 T61 certified aluminum for a perfect weight to strength balance
• Dedicated power adder forgings (no more collapsed skirts)
• Balanced to (+,-) 1 gram
• Lock removal indents
• Accumulator grooves
• Double forced pin oiling
• Oil dispersion grooves
• Double forced pin oiling
• Oil dispersion grooves
• Radius valve relief’s
• Large deep valve relief’s for over sized valves and large cam profiles
• Pin-fit


• 52100 heavy duty straight wall bearing steel or H13 Nitride and lapped taper pins
• Dry film skirt coating (friction reducer)
• Ceramic thermal coating
• Oil shed coating (applied to the inside of piston to repel oil)
• Gas porting

Contact Information:

Ross Racing Pistons
Phone: 310-536-0100

Ford Racing’s New 3V EFI Manifold

Thursday, March 4th, 2010
If you are running big horsepower modifications on your 3V Modular engine, then swapping to a performance minded intake is a great way to complement your other upgrades. Ford Racing has just introduced a new EFI Intake Manifold for just this reason. They claim that this intake works very well with aftermarket heads, camshafts, and forced induction to make big power, but also works well on more stock engines.

Official Release:

Ford Racing Announces New 3-Valve EFI Intake Manifold

Part Name: 4.6L 3–Valve Intake Manifold
Part Number: M-9424-463V

Part Description: Ford Racing introduces its latest high performance intake manifold for the 2005-2010 4.6-Liter Mustang 3-valve engine. The intake is designed to compliment hot cams, performance heads, added displacement or forced induction. When used with other Ford Racing components, it can extend the RPM band and increase airflow while losing minimal torque on the bottom end. Compared to the OE
manifold, the Ford Racing intake made 40 more horsepower at 6800 rpms.

The Ford Racing 3-valve intake was designed using CAD modeling technology and data from the production intake manifold ensuring it’s matched to the volumetric efficiency and unique characteristics of the 3-valve Modular engine. From the CAD model, nylon rapid prototype manufacturing was used to build numerous manifolds with varied volumes and runner lengths which were dyno-tested for power confirmation before final design sign-off.

• Fits 2005-2010 4.6-Liter 3-Valve Mustang engines.
• In testing 320cid engine with M-9926-3V throttle body:+40hp more than OE stock intake at 6800rpm, and when compared to OE manifold, M-9424-463V was within 5lbs/ft of torque throughout entire curve
• Works well with Ford Racing’s hot rod camshafts, high performance CNC ported 3-Valve Cylinder Heads and Ford Racing throttle bodies
• Lightweight composite construction (same material as OE intake manifold), 13lb vs. 30 lb aftermarket aluminum intakes
• High-flow runners and open plenum design, fits under factory Mustang hood.
• Tested to 5 bar pressure – great for use with forced induction!
• Includes Intake Manifold Gaskets

Contact Information:
Ford Racing Performance Parts
Phone: 1-800-367-3788

New 427 Crate Engine from Ford Racing

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Ford Racing has released a new crate engine, one that is built off of the new BOSS 351. The Ford Racing 427 crate engine is designed for anything requiring 500+ HP. This Ford small block offers a 10.5:1 compression ratio and even has a Crate Engine Warranty.

Official Release

Ford Racing Announces the Return of the 427!

The company that created the 427 FE engine line announces a modern version of the legendary motor. Built on Ford Racing’s new BOSS 351 block, the 427 crate engine is engineered and built for drive ability and durability while still offering a throaty growl. The 427 crate engine is ideal for street rods, kit cars and all Ford projects requiring big power in a reliable small block package.

• 427 cubic inches (4.125″ bore x 4.00″ stroke), 9.5 deck 351 BOSS block with 4-bolt mains
• 535 hp @ 5600 / 545 lb.ft. torque @ 4500
• 10.5:1 compression ratio
• Neutral balance forged steel crank, steel H-beam connecting rods and forged pistons
• Aluminum Ford Racing Z cylinder heads with 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust valves w/ 63 CC chambers
• Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
• Includes water pump and harmonic balancer
• Distributor, Ignition Wires, Intake, Fuel System, Exhaust and Flywheel are needed to run
• Standard 12/12 FRPP Crate Engine Warranty
• $8,8000.00 MSRP

Contact Information

Ford Racing Performance Parts
Phone: 1-800-367-3788

Buy Ford Racing has a smoking deal on a brake cooling kit for late model Mustangs. This kit fits the 05-09 GT with the M-2300 brake kit installed as well as all 07-09 SVT Mustangs.

Official Release:

Ford Racing M-2004-A

• Fits 2007-2009 SVT Mustang
• Fits 2005-2009 Mustang GT with M-2300-S brake kit installed
• Includes backing plates with duct work
• Designed to direct air from the fascia to the rotor for improved brake and wheel bearing life

$129.00 & Free Shipping
These are original backing plates that have had the tube professionally welded to them. The kit does not include the bezels that come on a GT500KR. They are available from Shelby and several aftermarket manufacturers.

Contact Information:

Buy Ford Racing


Edelbrock has just released their E-Force Supercharger System for the 2010 Mustangs equipped with the 4.6L V8. This supercharger features the Eaton Twin Vortices Series Gen VI rotor assembly. This kit includes everything you need to bolt it onto a 4.6L Mustang.

Official Release

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger System for 2010 Ford Mustang 4.6L

TORRANCE, CA – Edelbrock is excited to announce the release of their E-Force Supercharger system for 2010 Ford Mustangs equipped with a 4.6L 3V (#1582). Based in large part on the existing supercharger for ’05-’09 Mustangs, this new kit will allow the 2010 Mustang to produce an impressive 466 HP and 439 ft/lbs of torque with very low boost. This design is engineered and manufactured by Edelbrock and features an Eaton® Twin Vortices Series (TVS®) GEN VI rotor assembly – the same internals used on the new Corvette ZR-1.

The supercharger assembly is integrated into Edelbrock’s unique intake manifold for a truly seamless design with minimal components. The intake features 15″ long runners for maximum low-end torque and an integrated bypass valve that helps reduce parasitic loss under light throttle, which improves mileage potential. Keeping the air cool is a 110 square inch, high capacity, air to water intercooler – the largest of its kind available on the market today – and a full face low temp heat exchanger. A new injection molded high-flow air-box cover keeps the 2010 50-state emissions legal (E.O.# D-215-72). The assembly is finished with a matching set of coil covers uniquely styled to give your engine compartment a custom look.

This complete Edelbrock E-Force supercharger kit includes everything you need to bolt it on under the hood of a 2010 Mustang 4.6L 3V, including supercharger/manifold assembly, air inlet with 85mm throttle body, injection molded air-box cover, fuel injectors, air-to-water intercooler, coil covers and handheld flash programmer to properly tune the factory ECU for the added power. Edelbrock offers an optional 5-Year/60,000 mile warranty.

The supercharger is also available as a competition kit #1587. Intended for purpose built race cars, the competition kit is supplied with only essential components and does not include the programmer, injectors, coil covers or primary pulley. Four pulley sizes are available, in diameters from 3.50″ to 2.75″ depending on the desired boost level, as well as a competition air intake system that eliminates the stock air box for improved air flow. Please note that these parts are only intended for use with the competition kit, and will void the E.O. certification of the #1582 street-legal kit.

• More horsepower per psi than any other Mustang system on the market
• 2300cc (140 cubic inch) Eaton® TVS® GEN VI rotor assembly
• Unique intake manifold design with 15″ long runners for increased low-end torque
• 100,000 mile self-contained oiling system
• Installs under the stock hood while maintaining factory accessories
• Complete package includes supercharger/intake assembly, air inlet with 85mm throttle body, fuel injectors, air-to-water intercooler, and flash tuner with proper calibration
• Optional 5 Year/60,000 mile warranty
• The most efficient system available – 466 HP and 439 ft/lbs. of Torque with low boost!
• Made in USA for absolute quality and performance
• 50 State Emissions Legal [ E.O.# D-215-72 ]
• Retail price: $6,495.00

Contact Information

Phone: 310-781-2222


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