bbk fuel rail upgrade?

Thursday, February 25th, 2010
does anyone know if or what you get by changing to aftermarket bbk fuel rails. My car is completely built w/ a s/c and going to add a small shot of go juice. I have a 2005 gt. p1sc-1 on 10lbs going to 17lb pulley bbr racing head and blower cams. all the support mods. Just bought a wet kit.


Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
does any body know a tuning dyno around east ky or east tenn. or somewhere with in a few hrs driving time, that can tune a supercharged 342 with anderson PMS?

Help in building 351w

Sunday, February 14th, 2010
I need a “Ford Guy” or Gal ,to educate me in building , a streetable 351w, I would like it to run decent and sound really nice. What I have is a 351w block # D4AE……date code 5D18……It has been bored .30 over and has a set of new keith black pistons, stock crank and rods , flat tappet cam ,Edelbrock heads , And has never been turned over,When I bought this motor and body, the guy had paper work, he lost it in all the other paper work he had , well , a few months later he was killed in a wreck, that has been over two years now and still NO paper work, Sooooo I am gonna start over, I was thinking a new steel crank and H rods , roller valve train, I was thinking maybe a Mass-flo EFI, if it would work well with the motor, but I am not opossed to a nice intake and carb, I have no tranny, but was thinking maybe AOD, the rear gear is a narrowed 9″ with 350 gears, This setup will go in a 30 model A Coupe sitting on a 32 TCI Pro-Street frame. wvozzy


Friday, February 12th, 2010
I want to change my 91 4 cyl coupe to propane, Can any one help me ? Thanks Wilkie
While at the track teaching a lady BULLITT owner how to drag race, I met another BULLITT owner with a Whipple and discussed his problems he was having. He had some traction problems and was eating belts on a regular basis.
He came into the shop the next week and we went over his options and I threw his car on the dyno to check his tune for him.

We chose to limit his first rounds of mods to a Two-Step for more consistent launches and lower control arms with relocation brackets and an adjustable third link to set the
pinion angle properly.

I helped him a bit at the Ford VS GM shootout we held at Speed WOrld, I had my hands full with the twin turbo 05 also. His first launch of the day was sweet as hell and almost pulled the wheels off the ground with a 1.61 60ft on M/T Drs. He had fun, but was just shy of getting his 11.xx that he wanted. He just needed a bit more seat time.

Well last week he got his 11, sorry I don’t remember exactly what it was, but his times steadily went up the whole day. WHen he looked under the hood, he could see another belt going by the wayside.

He called me and bit the BULLITT 😉 and had me order the Steeda 10 rib belt kit. It’s not cheap at all, but sure as hell solves the problem with belts!…….AND it looks TOTALLY *****IN!!!!
Some info from Steeda and then I’ll post some installed pics.


Tired of belts slipping, breaking or simply being thrown off your Whipple supercharged Mustang when pushing it to the limit? Those days are now over! Steeda’s Belt Drive System for Whipple Supercharger was designed to prevent any such belt problems that are all too common during competition or just hardcore use of your Mustang.

Steeda designed this belt drive package to relocate the supercharger drive off the factory 6-rib system, making it a dedicated 10-rib belt system, which drives the supercharger and nothing else. Removing the supercharger drive from the primary accessory drive serves to eliminate any and all slippage problems that can occur, including both on the initial tip in and under full load. The standard accessories are driven by a Steeda underdrive pulley for even more power and reduced accessory load.

Our 10-rib system is available in boost levels of approximately 11psi to 17psi on a Gen 1 Whipple system and approximately 13 to 19psi on a Gen 2 Whipple system with no slippage under any conditions, and no throwing or breakage of the supercharger belt.

The package includes a new supercharger snout, billet pulleys, billet mounting plates, 2 new belts, and a heavy-duty belt tensioner. Although we recommend a Steeda hood, it only takes a minor modification to fit the system under your stock hood. Full installation instructions, including to the procedure for measuring stock hood clearance, are included.





The retune is today!

code 332 in my 94 cobra 5.0/5sp

Sunday, January 24th, 2010
i pulled code out of my 94 cobra 332 it says in sufficient egr flow detected any idears ?what to do? i have a 1″ spacer on the intake doesnt seem to have any vacum leak i did have a problem making up the egr pipe it has to be longer to work with this spacer does anybody make one to work with the spacer? i cut it and added an 1″, thanks for any help im more use to working on the 66 and need help with these late models…jim:)

catalytic converter

Thursday, January 14th, 2010
would a 97 mustang run fine without one someone took something to mine and it’s destroyed

lowering springs

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010
87gt, what springs would give me a close to stock ride….not too much bounce!

nos launcher

Thursday, January 7th, 2010
Hi guys
i need help i have nos launcher and 7531 msd i want that work with transbrake do you have wiring digram.


Sunday, December 20th, 2009
need to know what size and number of ribs pulleys are for novi 2000 on fox

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