The GT that Ford should have built

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
When Ford Motor Company announced the return of the Ford GT, which was stemmed from the early racing days, many collectors flourished at the opportunity to gain ownership. The 500 horsepower 5.4-liter V8 was wrapped inside classic Le Mans styling with a five speed manual transmission. The price tag came in at just over $139,000 and it seemed to be no bearing on those who truly wanted to own a piece of history. With carbon fiber and aluminum at an abundance throughout the construction of the GT, it was evident that it was designed for speed. Speed may be an understatement when you see what Dan Schoneck has been up to for the last year.

The Procharger F2 looks right at home mated to the 358 cubic inch mod motor. Photos: Dan Schoneck never ceases to amaze us for the type of creations that the members put together. Dan Schoneck is no different in this case, Just check out his post on YB to see all the feed back that he has recieved on his Ford GT.

The fabrication work is absolutely amazing on Dan Schoneck’s Ford GT.

Dan Schoneck may sound familiar to racers and you will most likely know him from his work with his company Schoneck Composites. They construct some of the nicest carbon fiber and fiberglass body panels on the market. It appears that Dan’s skills don’t stop at carbon fiber from judging by the appearance of his supercar. Dan started with a 2005 Ford GT and a dream of having a stress reliever car. His intentions were and still are to run this car on the Texas Mile at over 250mph. The 5.4-liter has been modified with a larger bore punching it out to 358 cubic inches along with a billet crankshaft designed by Dan himself. Running 11.5:1 compression will require upgraded internals so Schoneck relied on Diamond Pistons and Manley billet rods.

Even the wheels are custom one off pieces. The rears measure 21″x13″ wrapped with Pirelli rubber.

Estimated horsepower numbers are around 1600 horsepower while maintaining drivability on the street will be a challenge but with the help of E85 fuel all should be just fine. Adding the boost will be a Procharger F2 and handling all that power will be a Liberty prepared transmission along with a carbon fiber driveshaft. Most notably will be the reproduction of all the body panels in carbon fiber by Dan himself. This should help cut the weight several hundred pounds.

Dave Murphy started off with a cool Pro-Street style ’56 Chevy, but when he decided high 10’s just weren’t his thing anymore, he decided it was time to walk a new path with his racing ventures. After posting the ’56 up for sale, he shortly cashed in on a trade for an ’87 Mustang that’s already seen some action on the low side of the 7-second club. The plan so far with all this newfound power is to get used to it at his local 1/8th mile track, then to some local Outlaw 10.5 events, and some events at Pacific Raceway in Seattle.

Photos: Dave Murphy

While Dave was a Chevy guy by heart, he’d secretly been digging the venerable fox-body platform over the years. The car’s build was kicked off in John Urist’s shop originally, but was then sold, unfinished, to Mike Dutchek in Canada who was responsible for the remainder of the build. It doesn’t have many runs on it, it’s only been out for a little bit of shakedown and exhibition passes. The best performance so far has been a 7.36 at 190, but Dave hopes to improve on that in time.

Underneath the spotless Viper red paint lies a 388 cubic inch small block backed by a powerglide transmission. Topped off with some Yates C-3 heads, an Edelbrock Victor 351Y manifold (both ported by Heads Up Performance) and a little 106mm Precision turbo it put down 1145hp to the rear wheels at a moderate 21 pounds of boost. On the very intricate wiring electronics setup is a Big Stuff 3 EFI tuned by Don Bailey, AMS 1000 boost controller and Spaghetti Menders wiring. Out back is a 4 link rear end with a Mark Williams axle housing with a 3.90 gearset inside.

While it’s much more car than Dave has driven in the past, he can’t wait to get this new bullet out. It’ll be a learning curve for sure, but an interesting one at that. I mean, who wouldn’t want to try their hand at wheeling a car to nearly 200mph in just a quarter mile? If all goes well, this car could become a lethal small block Outlaw 10.5 contender in the near future.

As an NMRA racing fan one of my favorite classes to watch is the “10 inch Tire freak show,” formally known as the Super Street Outlaw class. Among some of the baddest small-tire Mustangs that compete in that class, one of the most successfull underdogs with a 450 cubic inch Small Block nitrous combo has been Sam Vincent. With numerous mid/high 7 second passes under his bel,t there’s no doubt that he’s getting it done with such a small tire, but some breaking news came in this week when we learned that Sam was making the switch to drag radials for an upcoming race in Georgia.

Sam relayed this info to Justin Pennington who made a Yellowbullet post about it.

In hopes of putting in a solid effort towards bringing home the large payout the ORTC race has, ($20,000) Sam has been doing lots of testing. He’s going to be giving the radials a try to see if they’re faster, stating he’s simply going to see what will give him the best chance to win the big race. The ORTC race in Georgia won’t be a quarter mile show, (1/8 mile) which may favor the nitrous combinations due to their ability to do a bit better than the turbo and blower cars in the first half of the track. Sam even entertained the idea of possibly participating in other drag radial events if things go well.

Photo: Sam Vincent

While it’s still uncertain if Sam’s car will be wearing radials or slicks, one thing is for sure and that’s that he will be there amongst the best in competition – rumor has it that this may be one of the biggest radial Vs. slick car races of the year, so you won’t want to miss it. Look for Sam’s notchback to put down some impressive times soon, as always we wish him a successful season in the NMRA as well as any other events he partakes in. Also check back to Dragzine for the ORTC coverage to start Thursday.

Mike Murillo Gets New Wrap for 2010

Monday, February 22nd, 2010
Murillo’s first NMRA championship came in 2002 at the wheel of his infamous Super Street Outlaw ride, the “Star Car.” That paint scheme was revisited in 2008 and by 2009, SCT had jumped on board as Mike’s title sponsor. Now for 2010 the Mustang will get a fresh, new wrap in full SCT trim as they continue the sponsorship on Murillo’s fox body.

“We are very excited about sponsoring Mike Murillo and his team again in 2010. Mike not only does a great job of representing SCT, he is a genuine nice guy,” says Tim Roi, Marketing & Media Relations. ”Mike doesn’t just collect a sponsorship check, he uses our products and software in his shop to tune customers vehicles, he tows his race trailer all over the country using one of our towing tunes and he takes the time to stop and talk with race fans and sign autographs every chance he gets. We couldn’t ask for a better spokesperson to represent our company and our products.”

It was this car and it’s single-turbocharged power plant that carried Murillo to his championship in 2002, but not without the inevitable struggle that comes along with heads-up drag racing. Fast forward to 2008, and to the return of Murillo to the NMRA behind the wheel of the totally revamped chassis that he had originally purchased from Kevin Marsh in 2001. The beautiful chassis featured several innovative items, such as trunk-mounted twin turbochargers, (which have been since ditched) a NASCAR style oval exhaust system, and more. Mike Murillo expressed his excitement by saying, “Murillo Motorsports is happy to announce the continued support from SCT in 2010. Our relationship is a match made in heaven with the fact that SCT is exclusively all we use on our customers and personal vehicles. We are also stoked about a bigger and better program from Precision Turbo and Trickflow.”

Mike’s fox body will make its way to Orlando a few days prior to the NMRA season opener next week to have the wrap applied. They will then make the short drive to Bradenton Motorsports Park for the first race of the 2010 NMRA season. Check back then as and will have complete Bradenton coverage and shots of Mike’s completed wrap.

It’s no secret that the Nascar engines of modern time are some of the baddest N/A small blocks out there. A mere 357 cubic inches making upwards of 800hp, and possessing the capability to hold together at 8-9000 RPM for hours during a typical race – with stats like that you know these motors are top notch. What does one do when they’re looking for a mean powerplant for a road course/street driven Mustang?

House Of Boost’s answer to this question was to pickup an ex-Nascar Yates motor, freshen it up and convert it to a boosted application with an F2 Procharger. For more on this build and many others check out their website.

Photos: House Of Boost

Even with the dropped compression ratio for boost, the motor still made 749 HP naturally aspirated. The target boost-wise will be a moderate 15 psi. Nothing but the best was used in the engine management department, with a Big Stuff 3 EFI tucked neatly underneath the dashboard on the passenger side, controlling the entire Aeromotive fuel system with 160 lb/hr injectors with a Snow Performance meth kit adding extra octane on demand. Already getting some lime-light exposure at the SEMA show, the car has many unique HOB additions from the accessory drive system and hydraulic clutch conversion. The fine details really make the car something to admire, from the smoothed firewall to the extremely well matched water/meth storage tank and pump system in the rear hatch area.

This ’93 Cobra was given the nickname “Nascobra” for obvious reasons, though it won’t see any circle track laps some road course outings are in the plans. The car is owned by the owner of the water/meth company Snow Performance Matt Snow, who has long been known for their impressive systems that allow for more boost on lower octane fuels. Definitely one of the coolest road course setup fox bodies we’ve seen in quite some time.

Contingency awards for racers are a great way for companies to support their racers. After all, what racer doesn’t like a little extra cash in their pocket? Now Dart is prepared to offer more then just cold hard cash to their winning racers. This year they will be holding a contest for one lucky winner to receive a trip for two to Hawaii during the off-season.

And some say racing Mustangs won’t get you anywhere – not any more!

The way it is going to work is each racer that claims first place contingency awards for Dart in the NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, NMRA, PSCA, Lucas Oil Late Model Series, and Dart Dirt R.O.C. will receive a Kill Sticker and a Win-Ticket in addition to normal contingency awards. The Kill Sticker can be displayed on the racer’s vehicle to show that they took top honors at that event, while the Win-Ticket can be filled out and mailed back to Dart for entry into the contest. The more a racer wins and sends the Win-Tickets back, the greater their chances are for winning the trip to Hawaii.

The drawing will be held at the end of the racing season with the winning racer enjoying the airfare and hotel expense paid trip for two after that.

More details are to be released soon, we’ll keep you posted on what we hear. For now check out the release below or visit for more info.

Official Release:

Dart Announces A Special Contingency Contest for 2010!

At Dart, we appreciate our fellow racers. We support dozens of series and offer contingency at tracks all over the country. This year, we’re proud to announce that we’re taking it to the next level!

This year, racers will have a chance to win a trip for two to Hawaii from Dart!

Racers who claim first place contingency awards for Dart parts in NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, NMRA, PSCA, Lucas Oil Late Model Series and Dart Dirt R.O.C. will receive a Kill Sticker from Dart that can be placed on your car to display your victories at the track. A win-ticket will be included with each Kill Sticker that can be filled out and sent back to Dart, each one you submit gives you an additional chance at winning the trip. At the end of the racing season a drawing will be held and the winner will receive an airfare and hotel expense paid trip for two! We’ll be releasing additional contest details soon, so keep an eye open!

In addition to the contest, Dart has teamed up with a select group of elite racers to commemorate the new decade in racing. Be on the lookout for the new Dart themed cars in NHRA and IHRA races this year!

While attending a private test session at Bradenton Motorsports Park this past Thursday with the folks from Pro Fab Performance, we ran across none other than 2009 NMRA Hot Street champion Don Bowles also on hand for some track time. Some rule changes for the 2010 season have him testing out some newly allowed parts.

One of those is a 4500 style Dominator carb. The other is tires, as now the 29.5 x 10.5 tire is allowed in Hot Street. Our understanding is that since the NMCA Pro Stock class has allowed this tire for some time, and allowing it over on the NMRA side should allow for some more crossovers between the series in the similar classes.

Don had two carbs from Quick Fuel Technologies on hand for the session. One of which he tested earlier in the day which resulted in two 8.53 passes at 158 MPH. Since we didn’t get there until after 12PM, we weren’t able to get those on film. Robbie Blankenship was also on hand but broke a rocker arm.

We did however get his later session runs with the other carb. The first pass we saw was an 8.60 @ 156. He then made some adjustments and got an 8.56, then two 8.55’s @ 158. This session he was running the 400 ci engine.

The larger tires should allow for a little better 60 foots and a little more consistency, especially on marginal surfaces this summer. We got three of the runs on film and was able to talk with Mr. Bowles for a short on camera interview when they were all wrapped up for the day.

We can now call Scott Husted “The Former” Outlaw 10.5 and Heavy Street racer after recent economic events have left him without a place locally to campaign his twin turbo powered 69 Camaro he has owned since high school. The Outlaw 10.5 class in the Heads up Madness series at Sunshine Dragstrip was replaced for 2010 with Outlaw 632 after poor car counts and lack of funding. You may remember this car, Scott put the Camaro in the Heavy Street winners circle at the 2008 Orlando World Street Nationals.

Now he has a new build – and it just got interesting.

The 93 Ford coupe seen below was built by Robert Coady at Category 5 Race Cars in Zephyrhills, Florida and was recently updated to 25.3 spec. The car has changed hands a couple of times during the build, and has yet to see the track. Husted picked it up just last weekend to bring it home and get started with some fabrication. Yup you guess it, the BBC from the Camaro just found a new home.

The plan is to take all the useable parts from the Camaro, like the fuel system, ice tank, intercooler, electronics and engine and swap them to the Mustang. The engine is a Nelson Competition 598 ci. big block Chevy with heavily modified Dart 320 heads by HPS Cylinder Heads in Holiday, FL with twin Precision GT47/88mm turbos providing the boost. The 10.5 car has been in the 4.7 range @ 3175 lbs. which was 175 over weight for that class.

This new chassis should allow him to drop a few pounds and reach the Drag Radial minimum weight for his combo. Comparing the performance of the Camaro to other radial cars should provide similar times once he gets the power management figured out. The tentative goal is be ready for the May ORTC race in Georgia.

Check out the rest of the build photos below.

New Ride for Troy Pirez Jr.

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
Last weekend at the US Street Nationals in Bradenton, we saw Troy Pirez Jr. in a new ride. Driving this 2000 Mustang into the second round, his night ended when the car went straight up into a wheel stand in a loss to Aaron Gramer, eventual race runner up.

The Pirez family has been synonymous with Drag Radial racing since the beginning, driving and winning with Chevy powered cars, so this new ride is a switch for Troy Jr. In 2009 Pirez was taking turns behind the wheel of the family’s infamous Silver Nova and Eric Sherman’s 275 Radial 4th Gen Camaro locally in Real Street and at ORTC events. This is a good opportunity for the college student to shoe a competitive car in between classes after the local Real Street class disallowed big blocks for 2010.

The Mustang was purchased last year and finished up in Thonotosassa, Florida at the Matt LaRue owned ProFab Performance shop.

The 427 ci mill features Edelbrock Victor Glidden 2 cylinder heads and a Super Victor Glidden intake to match. Jeff Prock from Applied Nitrous Technologies is on board to help out tuning the plate system and a PTC Powerglide transmission and converter transfers the power back to the 9” rear.

LaRue sourced the Racecraft front K-Member through TRZ Motorsports, the rest of the suspension was done in house at ProFab.

For 2010 the Team Lopez car will be campaigned at ORTC events in Ultimate Street, ORSCA Modified Street and local Real Street events at Sunshine Dragstrip and PBIR. Check out the video of the car running below!

Who Says You Need a Roof to Go Fast?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
When it comes to the Mustang convertible it’s hard to deny that it’s a trendy, hip, and stylish car that appeals to many diverse groups of people. Whether you’re looking for a cool car to roll down to the beach in with some surfboards, or take a cruise to the mall with the top down basking in the sun, you’ll be doing it in style. When it comes to building an all-out performance monster, people tend to shy away from the convertible design however.

Fortunately for those of us who marvel at the sight of a convertible gone hot-rod, we spotted this fresh Fox-Body ‘Vert buildup on Yellowbullet that’ll be competing in an 8.50 class upon completion.

Photos: Yellowbullet

Kicking off this build is a 25.5 spec chassis constructed by Fark’s Supercars that’ll fit nice and snug underneath the new ragtop. True Ford power will be bolted in up front in the form of a gnarly 363 cubic inch low-deck stroker motor. The engine will be finished off with a set of Edelbrock Victor series of cylinder heads, and an F1R Gear-Drive Procharger. Under that custom transmission tunnel will be an ATI Powerglide transmission that’ll be shifted by a B&M Pro Bandit series shifter. A rather economical yet stout package that should easily turn in some low 8-second runs on a good day.

One thing that really jumped out about this project is the extremely neat wiring setup provided by none other than Spaghetti Menders. That’ll keep all electronic systems functioning in harmony with the Big Stuff 3 EFI. On the ignition side the owner went with a MSD Digital 7 Plus ignition box and an MSD HVC II coil.

We’ve seen a few convertibles graze heads-up racing here and there, but definitely not as near common as their hardtop counterparts. Could the ragtop performance style begin to catch on? A bit far-fetched, but we’ve certainly seen crazier things happen. For now we’ll enjoy the presence of another unique ragtop race-car tearing up the 1320.


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