This past week we came across a piece of Mustang memorabilia for sale. Though it brings back more bad memories than good. An officially licenses Shelby GT500 E Super Snake built by the now infamous Unique Performance. For those not around for the UP debacle well here’s a summary. The company out of Farmers Branch, […]

The dark days of the Unique Performance downfall are well behind us now though some of the few cars fortunate …

Who can forget the downfall of the once hyped Unique Performance? We certainly don’t. After all it was most definitely the biggest news and talking points regarding vintage Mustangs at the time. We watched as the company declared bankruptcy, faced allegations of using prisoners to build cars and the many claims sad stories of customers […]

Unique Performance On Hot Rod TV

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before. It appears to be an old episode of Hot Rod TV featuring the now shamed former company Unique Performance.
It’s weird watching this video obviously from happier times and knowing how it all ended with title washing, prison labour and the likes.
The video features interviews with the […]


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