No matter what type of vehicle or gas powered device you own, VP has a fuel to top off your tank and provide you with the right mixture that your engine needs. No matter if you drive a Dirt Late Model, Nitrous-assisted Drag Car, Performance Street Car or whatever - VP’s carefully crafted fuel help make your engine perform better and more efficient. This is because of VP’s involvement with such a diverse range of racing has given them are look inside exactly what it is that racers need.

For those with performance street cars, VP 100 is a street legal fuel designed for cast iron heads engines with compression ratios up to 13:1 and aluminum head engine up to 14:1. This fuel works well with engining being feed by superchargers or turbochargers or assisted by nitrous according to VP. It also lets you run more advanced timing, increased boost or more nitrous.

• Color: Orange

• Motor Octane Rating: 100

• Specific Gravity: .746 at 60° F

• Street Legal

• Unleaded

For the racer, the VP C12 fuel is one of the best all around fuels in the VP line up. Designed for engines running compression ratios below 15:1, VP tells us this fuel really shines above 6500 RPM where it offers power gains as well as lower engine operating temperatures.

• Color: Green

• Motor Octane Rating: 108

• Specific Gravity: .717 at 60° F

• Leaded

For those running higher compression with or without a power adder, Q16 offers a consistent performance from run to run that isn’t affected as much by changes in altitude or density. VP recommends this fuel to be used in engines with compression ratios up to 17:1.

• Color: Yellow

• Motor Octane Rating: 116

• Specific Gravity: .716 at 60° F

• Oxygenated

• Leaded

For more on VP or any of the over 10 different fuels they offer for racing, visit

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