It's natural to be skeptical when a company claims increased horsepower, lower emissions and improved fuel economy by simply bolting on their product. So when E3 Spark Plugs announced that their innovative plugs did exactly that, Stacy David at Speed TV's "Gearz" went to put them to the test. Traveling out to the Michigan Technical University where E3 conducts all of its research and development in partnership with the school's professors, engineers and product testing facilities, David got to see first-hand how the E3 plug was created. Michigan Technical University, a nationally acclaimed automotive research facility, has been at the forefront of addressing key economy and environmental automotive issues and averages over 60 million dollars in research annually.

It was at Michigan Technology University that this spark plug was designed and developed using the university's research resources included an advanced combustion dynometer. With this machine, engineers are capable to measure the heat, rate of burn, and combustion efficiency. The E3 plug's design directs the spark (or flame kernel) to the piston directly, reducing travel time between the spark and gases. "Given the short time available to get combustion started," E3 states, "the faster you can get the flame to the piston, the better."

E3's unique "DiamondFIRE" electrode provides a significantly hotter and longer-lasting spark or "flame kernel," which produces a faster rate of burn and more complete combustion of the fuel. What does that mean? Less emissions, more efficiency, and - most importantly - added horsepower!

By increasing the spark's "early burn" and allowing the combustion to increase more rapidly, a greater percentage of fuel is spent, and the more complete the burn, the greater the power that is present in the chamber.

So, does E3 claims add up? Well, according to this video, Stacy at Speed TV sure thinks so.


E3 Spark Plugs



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